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Just a Disney themed sideblog for me to take care of my Disney preoccupation. You'll also probably see some non-Disney stuff here. I always have been and always will be here for the WOC ladies of Disney.

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do you know where i could find any audrey ramirez icons?

I’m sure a lot of big disney blogs have them but I can make some for you tomorrow if you want!

When the chocolate chips are actually raisins.


Celebrity voice actors in the Tinker Bell franchise.

Except America Ferrera only voiced Fawn once. Angela Bartys has done the rest. Also Kristin Chenoweth did the first three as Rosetta, Megan Hilty has done the rest.

This is also the point when you realize you’ve seen the credits too many times. Joys of being a parent.

And yet the post was about *celebrities* who have voiced characters and I’d say that Kristin & America are more famous than the current voice actors.

I didnt include Vidia either because her voice actor isnt a star on the same level as the rest of the people on here.

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Celebrity voice actors in the Tinker Bell franchise.

Disneyyandmore’s 5 films meme:  Tarzan // Lilo and Stitch // the Princess Diaries // WALL-E // Brother Bear

4: Favorite Song: “Strangers Like Me

Pixar ladies

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Top 10 Favorite Disney Female Leads as voted by my followers
#4: Elsa

Beginnings and Endings

Hand in hand.

Hand in hand.