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Just a Disney themed sideblog for me to take care of my Disney preoccupation. You'll also probably see some non-Disney stuff here. I always have been and always will be here for the WOC ladies of Disney.

Any photosets made by me will be tagged "mine".

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Everybody wants to be a cat.

"Just you and me, and I could be part of your world …"

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Brother Bear Appreciation Week: Day One (a day late)— a Favorite Main Character.

I cheated and went for Brother Bear 2 because Nita is way too awesome to be stuck in sequel hell. 

No Crown, No Frown.

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You must take your place in the circle of life.

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Neverending Disney Character Series [3/∞]: Clopin

Neverending Disney Character Series [2/∞]: Racetrack

You know that hot tip I told you about? Nobody told the horse.”

Make me choose Anonymous asked Jane in the yellow dress or as a wild woman? 

Neverending Disney Character Series [1/∞]: Peach

"For an Assistant Pig-Keeper, I think you’re quite remarkable. I even think you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life."

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